Samsung SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-V6414BN) – Refurbished


  • Refurbished unit  – 1 year disty warranty
  • Quick Setup and Intuitive Operation
  • 1080p Full HD Video Quality
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Advanced Motion & Audio Detection
  • Motion Zone Select
  • Push Notification of Event Detection
  • Night Vision Up to 10m.
  • Ultra-Wide 130° Angle Lens
  • microSD card slot for local video storage up to 128GB
  • Free monitoring and alert app for iOS and Android

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Whether you want to check in on what your pet is doing, see if the kids are safe or just want the reassurance of knowing that your home is secure, the Samsung SmartCam HD Plus is the perfect way to keep an eye on what matters most. You can view your SmartCam HD Plus from your mobile device anytime from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind. Designed for optimum performance with Full HD 1080p video quality, simple set-up and an intuitive experience, the SmartCam HD Plus provides the high caliber video experience you would expect from Samsung.

The SmartCam HD Plus delivers real-time notification of activity through your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet. It also has a built-in slot for a microSDXC memory card which allows for video storage for later review. Once you’ve downloaded the Samsung SmartCam app and have set up your SmartCam HD Plus, there are no extra costs or monthly fees for viewing or storage. The SmartCam HD Plus WiFi IP camera introduces many advanced features such as Wide Dynamic Range, Samsung Light Enhancer, Advanced Motion & Audio Detection, and Motion Zone Select. Each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for crisp, clear Two-Way Talk –  one more way Samsung helps you be in two places at once.


Simple WiFi Setup

Setting up your home network takes only a matter of minutes – simply download the free Samsung SmartCam app for iOS or Android, available on the App Store® and Google Play® to your mobile device and follow the intuitive setup wizard guide.

Full HD 1080p Video

There’s no need to squint your eyes or lean in close with the SmartCam’s 1080p Full HD Video. Whether you are checking if your children are playing nice in the playroom, or to make sure that grandpa is not in any trouble at home or to keep a eye on your business’ stockroom, the SmartCam HD Plus delivers a powerful viewing experience. The large 1/3.0-inch CMOS sensor allows maximum light through the lens – producing vivid colors, brighter video and stunning detail. The SmartCam also supports up to five multiple viewing streams, meaning both you and your partner can check in on the house at the same time.

Two-Way Talk

The Samsung Two-Way Talk feature lets you hear what’s going on around the camera and reply through your smartphone, no matter where you are. It’s possible to soothe your child if they wake up momentarily, encourage your pet to eat from a scheduled feeder, or give your guest a quick walkthrough of where that kitchen set is.

Advanced Motion & Audio Detection

Never miss a moment at your house – be alerted through instant push notifications when your dog goes into the kitchen or when your children get home from after-school activities. The SmartCam HD Plus Advanced Motion & Audio Detection system recognizes that things like swaying shades, falling leaves and rain are not key events. You will only be notified of true motion events such as someone entering the room or loud incidents such as a window breaking.

Motion Zone Select

The SmartCam’s Motion Zone Select feature lets you select the areas of your home you want to be alerted to of any activity. If you know that your kids are going to be running through the house , but want to be alerted if anyone approaches from the doorways or windows of your home, simply draw a box around those regions of your screen and the camera will alert you of any activity in those areas. The SmartCam lets you select up to three motion zones in its field of view. Go ahead: find out who knocked over your prized china set or be alerted if your child climbs up the kitchen cabinets.

Local Video Storage

Save important moments directly onto your SmartCam HD Plus through a microSD memory card with up to 128GB capacity. The Samsung SmartCam app allows you to view your recorded footage from anywhere in the world through your mobile device. You have three recording options based on your needs or preferences: continuous, manual, or record only when motion or sound events are detected in order to minimize viewing time and storage space.

*SD card not included.

Email and Mobile Notification

Enjoy peace of mind during your vacation getaway! The SmartCam HD Plus has you covered should the camera detect any motion in its zone of view or sound. The Samsung SmartCam will instantly send you push and e-mail notifications allowing you to monitor the occurrence in real time. Best of all, you don’t have to waste time watching hours of video. You can set the SmartCam to record up to 30 seconds of footage from detected events should you require the need for later review.

Ultra-Wide Angle

While other cameras have constricted angles that limit your view, Samsung’s 128° Ultra-Wide Angle lens gives you a wider view to maximise your recording coverage without compromising quality. Want to know what the kids are doing with the crayon over there in the corner. The SmartCam HD Pro puts you right there!

True Day & Night

The SmartCam HD Plus has you covered at all time by providing accurate, vibrant colors during the day and an advanced IR Cut Filter for night vision. Even in total darkness, the camera delivers clear video up to 10 meter.

Samsung Light Enhancer

The Samsung Light Enhancer technology allows the SmartCam to emit better colored images in low light conditions. The SmartCam illuminates the dark areas in its field of vision while maintaining the quality of the brighter areas at the same time, allowing you to determine who the late night food bandit is.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

The SmartCam HD Plus has you covered if there’s a bright light behind your subjects in the camera’s field of view. With the Samsung WDR technology, you will clearly see the bright smile on your child’s face as she takes her baby steps towards grandma.



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