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All-in-one CCTV Support

Are these cameras weather proof?

The box cameras included with most of our DVR Security system are weatherproof, durable, and built to last. As long as the camera is not submerged in water, it will withstand most harsh weather conditions.

They are IP66 Complaint. This means they have been tested and found to be completely dust proof, and waterproof against strong jets of water. They are able to withstand against the harshest weather conditions.

Can DVR send Email notifications?

Yes, you can set your system to email you with notification in case of HDD events, Setup changes, Booting events, alarm inputs, Video Loss, and Motion detection on individual camera.

Can I change the settings on my DVR with my web viewer?

Yes, but the menus on the DVR itself must be closed before you can do such a setting change from your web browser, and you can only change the setting on your DVR with Internet Explorer. You can only view your cameras with other programs (i.e, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) (Applicable to SDE-120, SDE-3000, SME-2220, SME-4220, SME-4221 only)

Can I exchange the 500GB Hard drive for a bigger one?

Yes, but only certain systems can be upgraded to a 1TB hard drive. Samsung does not perform this service and in most cases, you will void your warranty by doing so. This particular work must be done through a third party but do them at your own risk. The following are the systems are expandable: SDE-120N, SME-4220N, and SDE-2220N

On SDE-4001, 4002, 5001, and 5002, you can connect an external hard drive through the USB drive in the front to expand your system. Please note that you will have to format your external hard drive and you will have to use it only for your DVR. As for which brand or type of external hard drive you are able to use, contact 3DR’s technical support for more details.

Can I link this system to my home security?

You can connect many of Samsung’s system to your home security system. However, this must be done by your security system provider. You must also confirm whether or not the systems are compatible.

Can I monitor my cameras even if I’m not home?

Yes! All our Home Security Systems give you access to your Anytime Anywhere Viewing. This innovative feature makes it possible for you to monitor your cameras through the internet and even through your smart phone.

At this time, Samsung has a remote viewing app called iPOLis Mobile available for your iPhone™ and your ANDROID™ devices. You can also view remotely on your PC via Internet Explorer.

Check your manual for instructions on how to set up your system for remote viewing through either your phone or through a PC. You can also call the technical support number for guidance.

Can I use my Mac to view my cameras?

Our systems utilises the ActiveX patch for remote viewing and therefore is compatible with Internet Explorer. Certain systems are able to use other browsers, but not on an optimal level.

Can I use other 3rd party brand cameras with or without the same cable connector?

Samsung cannot guarantee that a third party camera will work, so make the attempt at your own risk.

Can I view my cameras from my iPhone, blackberry, or other smartphones?

With our Anytime Anywhere Viewing, you can now monitoring your cameras on your smartphone.

You will need to download a free app called iPOLis Mobile. This app is available on the iPhone and on any Android phones. this app is not available on the Blackberry.

Do I need special software to view my cameras over the Internet?

No, all you need is a browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. However, viewing through Internet Explorer is best.

Does my system keep recording while I am making a copy or viewing recorded video?

Yes, your system has the Pentaplex operation that allows for continuous recording even when you are making a copy or viewing past recordings.

How can I search and play previously recorded data?

It’s easy! You can playback with a click of the mouse. Just access the SEARCH menu on your system. You can search and review previously recorded videos by date or be event.

How easy are your systems to install?

These systems are considered to be the DIY or Do-It-Yourself line of security products. They are easy to install or set up. However, you will probably need the help of an installer to run your cables. Other than that, installation is very simple.

The cameras are powered and connected all by a single cable and the monitor and DVR comes as one. In case you need to run your cable longer, simply order more on and connect them together. The cables are 18m in length and connect to each other via a coupler in case of SEA-200. Cables will directly connect to each other for SEA-100s.  You can connect and run up to 100m of cable without any problems.

How long will my system record for?

The recording time is dependent on the setting of the picture quality and how many cameras are recording on your system. Below is a chart to give you an idea of how long your system might record for.

1 TB Hard Drive 500 Mb Hard Drive
16 Channels Camera Connection: 16 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 28 Days
Camera Connection: 16 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 14 Days
8 Channels Camera Connection: 8 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 56 Days
Camera Connection: 8 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 28 Days
4 Channels Camera Connection: 4 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 116 Days
Camera Connection: 4 Channels
Video Format: CIF (Common Intermediate Format)
Frame Rate: 7.5 fps
Video Quality Level: 4
Results: 58 Days

I have a defective cable, what do I do?

We are confident in the quality of our product and Samsung is a company that has worked hard to build up its trusted name. However, if by any chance you have a defective product, please review the return policy in the shipping information page. The shipping information page can be found in the support page.

Is there a way to find out more detailed recording time?

Visit and download the SRD STORAGE CALCULATOR for a more accurate estimate of recording time.

What are infrared Cameras?

Infrared cameras are specially designed for the extreme night conditions. SDC-7340BC and SDC-9441BC are infrared cameras equipped with Infrared light illuminators, which are invisible to the human eye. You can record and monitor discretely in dark environments with our cameras being illuminated by IR light.

What if someone tries to disconnect or steal my camera?

Your system has a full watchdog circuitry. In the event of Video Loss, the system can alert you by buzzer and/or an alarm output. If set, it will also send you an Email notification. Please note your alarm and buzzer has to be switched on in your setup menu.

What is the range of the night time camera?

The range of our cameras during nighttime conditions depends on the number of Infrared LED lights built into the camera. However, the majority of our cameras have a range of up to 25m in night time conditions.

What is the Sequence mode and what is the Split mode.

Different businesses and homes have different security needs. In order to better fit your particular security need, you can customize your display for various modes. First, the sequence mode displays one camera at a time on the full screen. This way you can get a detailed look of what is being recorded on each camera. If that’s not what you need, you can set your DVR display for split mode. The split mode displays all cameras simultaneously on the monitor using split screens. Using the split screen mode, you can get an overview of what’s happening on your property.

There are several other display options on your system. You can get a detailed description of each option and how to change from one mode to the next in your product manual.

What will happen if my hard drive becomes full?

When you record while the hard drive is full your DVR is programmed to erase or record over data, starting with the oldest data first. Before it gets to this, you can program and set your DVR to notify you in case your hard drive becomes full.

Why is my archived video not playable on my pc?

If your computer doesn’t play the video, you might need to download the correct codec for your media player. Your video plays as MEPG-4 or as AVI depending on which system you have. Check online to see if your media player has the appropriate codec for these files. Download and install to view your videos.

Will a dome camera work?

Yes. Samsung dome cameras are available also. You can contact us for purchasing enquiry.

What is the difference between Continuous and Motion recording?

Continuous mode records continuously while Motion mode records only if a motion is detected.

SmartCam Support

After setting up wireless function on SmartCam, why can’t SmartCam account reach the device wirelessly?

Check to make sure the passcode to your wireless setting was inputted correctly and replace cat5e cable.

Having issues with product registration and error message, “Language not defined” what could be the issue?

Serial number may be typed incorrectly.

How come I can’t hear audio?

Make the necessary adjustments through the setup page for the sound.

How come will not load?

Go To and update the existing Java.

How many SmartCam video clips can be store on my Youtube account?

You can have a maximum of 2000 video clips stored for your SmartCam.

How many smartcam(s) can I add to the smartcam account?

There is no limit on how many cameras you can add to your account. You can register as many as you want and create a complete security system or a baby monitoring system.

If my router does not have a WPS function how do I wirelessly enable my smartcam?

Smartcam must be connected via Ethernet cable to the router and wireless setting must be enabled through the smartcam account.

Is there any apps available for my smart phone?

Yes, Samsung Smart Cam available for both iPhone and android powered Devices.

The LED indicator does not change to white from the initial red from boot, what is the issue with my smartcam?

This is probably a hardware malfunction. Request a replacement form your vendor or from Samsung.

The privacy message display on my screen, why can’t I see the video?

Press the privacy button on the setup and wait for re-load.

What does WPS stand for?

Wi-fi Protected Setup, a computing standard that attempts to allow easy establishment of a secure wireless home network.

What if my camera wireless icon stays on the colour magenta?

Hardware issue, perhaps defective device, seek warranty replacement.

What if my serial number does not register?

Check serial number information and contact live support..

What is the difference between static ip setup, and dynamic ip setup?

Static IP is a manual configured IP address, dynamic ip is an automatic configure IP.

What is the recommended bandwidth for the best frame rate for this product?

The recommended bandwidth is 1.5 Mbps.

What is the warranty of this product?

One year from date of purchase.

Where can I get the latest firmware for this device?

Upon entering your smartcam account, instant notification will be message for any firmware update for your device.

Where do I register my product?


Where is the serial number located for registration?

Serial number is located in the bottom of the smartcam device as well as one of the box of the product.

Technical Support

Can I change programming and recording settings remotely?

Yes, you can access all programming through a web browser connection from anywhere in the world. However, you have to use Internet Explorer to make other changes. You can only watch videos on the other browser.

Can I connect my DVR on LAN (Local Area Network)?

Yes, On the <SYSTEM SETUP> menu, choose <NETWORK>. Use the directional button to put a check next to DHCP. Your DVR will now pick up your computer’s IP address. All the numbers should zero out. Push Apply and your network should restart. After your network restarts, your DVR should have received new IP addresses.

Once it is finished, uncheck  DHCP and click apply. This will save the new IP addresses and now your DVR is connected to LAN.

Can I reduce the frame rate (FPS) to extend recording time?

Yes, you can reduce the frames per second (FPS) and the quality of each camera to increase recording time left. You can change the image quality, fps, and other aspects of the recording quality in the SETUP Menu.

Can I save videos remotely to my computer?

No, you cannot save videos via remote viewing. You can only save videos with a USB flash drive.

Can I set a camera’s quality to have a higher or lower resolution depending on their priority?

Yes, you can increase or decrease the recording rate and quality settings independently for each camera.  Set your camera to record at a higher rate and quality for key places such as cash registers, warehouse, etc. and leave the lesser important areas at low quality and rate to conserve HDD.

Can I view my cameras on the Internet?

Yes, you can view your cameras remotely by configuring your network in the <SYSTEM SETUP> menu. This innovative feature makes it possible for you to monitor you cameras anytime and from anywhere, Making your security that much more convenient.

How can I setup my Cameras for Network

Please follow quick install guide in the box. You may need to open up TCP port from your router. Detail ‘Router Set Up Guide’ is included in the CD Rom inside the product box. Please follow all the instruction from the guide. Contact us via email at when you have any issue on remote viewing set up.

Is my system compatible with DDNS service?

Yes, your system is compatible with the free DNS service through

My DVR won’t power on. What now?

Sometimes the best solution is the easiest one. Let’s rule out the most basic possible cause. Check to see make sure the power cable is plugged into the DV 12V port. Then check to make sure the power cable is plugged into the wall outlet. Once you’ve confirmed that the power cable is securely and properly in place, but your DVR still won’t power on then you must contact us for a RMA ticket. Contact us via email at

Why can't I see anything on my monitors?

Display problem may rise due to several reasons. However, again it’s best to tackle this problem by first ruling out the most basic and obvious possible causes. First, check to make sure the unit is powered on. If your DVR won’t power on, then refer to the section above.

Make sure yourVGA cable or HDMI cable is connected securely from the unit to your monitor. Lastly, check to make sure the BNC camera cables are connected properly. Also check to see if a blue indicator light on your monitor. If yes, then try restarting your unit. If the problem persists, please contact our tech support department for a RMA ticket.

If there is a connection issue, you have to contact our service department. Contact us via email at

Why does my screen display blue “No Signal” Screens?

If you see the blue “No Signal” screen, the most likely problem is the connection. Check to make sure your cameras and your DVR are connected properly. If you’ve confirmed that the DVR and the cameras are properly and securely connected but the problem continues to persist, contact our customer service department at